Ocean Blue

We wish to advise that we recently purchased a 40ft (12 meter) Beneteau Oceanis yacht.

The yacht was purchased in Clontarf Marina, Sydney Harbour and as we are based in Scarborough, Queensland we elected to have the vessel delivered to Southport in Queensland where we would take over the boat.

After doing some research among Delivery options we settled on Mr Andrew Pearson for several reasons:

1. Andrew is a well known, respected and experienced yachtsman and was recommended to us as a responsible and trustworthy person.

2. The prices quoted from other companies were similar however Andrew offered a capped price with only fuel and unforeseen costs as extras.

3. When we met with Andrew on the boat it was clear that he knew what he was doing and was very experienced in Deliveries.

4. While we were preparing the boat for the delivery Andrew offered advice and put us in contact with people who could help with what we needed.

5. We also found Andrew to be a very courteous and friendly person.

During the course of the delivery, Andrew and his crew experienced some difficulty with the electrics on the boat and had to stop in at Newcastle where, after contacting us for approval, arranged for an electrician to make some minor repairs before continuing on.

Andrew messaged us the problems he had experienced and the remedial work done. He also returned the failed part and the receipt for payment made.

The boat arrived in Southport in good time taking into account northerly winds for the first half of the voyage.

When we boarded the boat in Southport we found the boat was clean and tidy and ready for us to continue on to Scarborough.

Given that the boat was new to us, at the end of the journey Andrew had provided a list of issues he thought we should be aware of to bring the boat up to top standard. This meant a lot to us and went above and beyond what we were expecting from Andrew.

We were very happy with the delivery experience and would not hesitate to recommend Andrew to anybody requiring delivery assistance.